Monday, July 27, 2009

Can the HERALD just finally disclose the conflict????

At what point in time does the disgruntled, X-Employee move on.
by Arthur Stamfordham

If you are a reader of the Boston Herald you might actually take the time to skim through the meanderings of the "Lone Republican," a.k.a. Holly Robichaud, a former state house worker (read - legislative aide) and now a self proclaimed Dick Morris with a skirt on.

Problem is, she doesn't seem to be able to get over her former boss Christy Mihos, a successful businessman who ran for governor in '06 and is trying to make the second time the charm in 2010.

In column after column, Robichaud takes Mihos to task for everything from costing the G.O.P. the election last cycle (Mihos ran as an independent) to you name it. Her recent proclamation is that Mihos should drop his bid for governor as he was a bad boy for running in last time around. Problem is....the rest of the story.

Toiling for Independent Candidate Christy Mihos in 2006 was none other than the Lone Republican herself, Holly. According to records at the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, Robichaud made a pretty pile of cash off the convenience store magnate before she flew the coop and decided to take up a new career of hitting the guy over the head with a baseball bat at each and every turn.

What happened? According to a Mihos insider, "it was a nightmare." Beyond that, he wouldn't elaborate. I suppose we can all use our imaginations. And one might imagine - hope - that Robichaud's boss at the Herald might insist that she atleast disclose her past work for Mihos before another mugging via her Herald blog.

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