Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Channel Two is hard up?????

Boston Globe reporter Megan Woolhouse reports that Channel Two is about to bring the hatchet down in light of budget shortfalls (click title for full Globe story).

Alert to the brain trust at Channel Two. I’m here channel surfing as I blog - quite the multi tasker aren't I - and in between words of wisdom on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic (which now goes by the much cooler moniker, NatGeo) I’m seeing a ton of ads and I don’t see how it’s eviscerating the educational programming for which the aforementioned media outlets have won numerous, prestigious awards. Do the execs in Brighton think commercials cause cancer, or something?

When does PBS wake up and smell the coffee???

Would a few volvo ads really descimate The American Experience, Nova, etc? In fact, a few commercials during the Emily Rooney Show - a.k.a. Greater Boston - would give me the time I need to run to the medicine cabinet for the Pepto Bismol.

Even better, becoming an independent broadcasting network, like everyone else, would alleviate the taxpayers sending the annual 400 million dollars PBS has become addicted to. Let me think......400 million in tax dollars........maybe better spent on cancer research, feeding the poor, anything but TV.

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