Monday, October 26, 2009

Simply too much to digest after dinner.

I was going to watch the senate debate between the Dems running for the seat left open by Ted Kennedy's recent passing. I'm here watching - make that wincing. To my stomach's dismay I see that the moderator is that exiled crank from WBZ radio - and very former health care industry flack - Peter Meade; who was someone very famous in his own mind back in 1971, or something like that. So that's it for me. I'm going straight to Sanford and Son reruns if all the networks can give me is four lackluster candidates not complimented by a has-been moderator.

By the way......before my hand can grab the clicker I catch a real, earth shattering first question from the brilliant, utopian moderator. When did you decide to run? YUP, that gives me a lot of information. Not that a better first question would be................................... name the first thing you'd do to bring jobs to Massachusetts, or something like that. The first question is when did your brain cells tell you to run, Kido, run!! And they wonder why no one watches these affairs.

Mike Capuano decided after Kennedy died. I guess that's better than deciding to run while the poor guy was still alive. He says he talked to his family and figured out he could do the job. BREATHTAKING prudence from the Ivy League grad.

Pagliuca - he's the guy whose advertising on every station except HBO (and that's only because HBO won't sell ad space) says he decided after figuring out that we've lost a lot of jobs. This guys a freakin Einstein. He could have saved the Titanic with prowess like that.

Oh, yeah, I'm here still watching, aren't I.

Peter Meade (wasn't he the dad in the Brady Bunch) won't let go. He want's a "moment," that special spiritual thing I guess, when the candidates decided to run. They ignore him, like I should be thousands are doing as they reach for the remote controls which save us from the meager Meades of the world.

Hanscom is on the chopping block. Capuano says he's learned how to influence Washington, even on a small scale, like Ted. It's critical that we keep Hanscom. Ok. Thank you, Mayor Capuano. As they a Somerville Mayor, always a Somerville Mayor.

Steve says he can change Washington because he has a plan for partnerships and empowerment zones. Something we've never heard before...................right. Ok.

Martha says ......well, I can't figure out what the hell she said.

Anyway, I gotta go now. Can't take anymore.

I've gotta Google the Libertarian candidate for this one so I can send them a check real fast.