Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dan Grabauskas for the number two spot?

Dan Grabauskas for lt. governor? The Republican Rumor Mill is stacked with stories regarding G.O.P. hopeful Charlie Baker - who recently joined Christy Mihos as a contender for the G.O.P. nomination - tapping Grabauskas as his running mate for the 2010 race. Baker and Grabauskas share, or shared, the same consultant - right wing activist Rob Gray; whose now toiling for Baker and once ran Dan's ill fated campaign for treasurer, when Grabauskas was burried by Tim Cahill.

And then there's this.......Grabauskas could be leaving his post as general manager at the M.B.T.A. sooner than he prefers since the governor and his transportation secretary, Jim Aloisi, appear to have launched their first strike in a war to dump Grabauskus, a hold over from the Romney Administration. Running for lt. governor could beat sitting at home and watching Joy Beyhar.

What would Grabauskus bring to the ticket? Well.......he's from Ipswich. And as Ipswich goes, so goes the Commonwealth??