Friday, July 24, 2009

Here's my principal beef with this ongoing Friday morning press conference being held by the solid BLUE LINE regarding the arrest of Harvard's Professor Gates. They've decided that Governor Patrick owes an apology to the constabulary? Are you absolutely kidding me? I understand the beef with President Obama (though I agree with the president....I would not have thrown out a form of the word stupid, or even gotten involved - as the president must maintain a distance from the quarrels of local life) but Governor Patrick has been measured and mature in his commentary and done nothing to be regretful for.
This is about police authority being challenged - and they, the police, find it as distasteful as eating rotten fish cakes. Police have developed a sense of entitlement and as a result citizens are dragged into jail every day of the week for paltry reason. But the governor has been far from incendiary in this matter, and has yet to make any statement that should offend the hypersensitive solid BLUE LINE.

The governor has been very gubernatorial throughout this event and proven a good demeanor throughout. Maybe one of the reporters should have asked this question - "if this had been your father, all things being equal, would you have believed his arrest the only course of action for the police to take?"

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