Friday, July 31, 2009

Let's end the week on a lighter note - SUPPORT MR. Clucky !!

Mr. Clucky Goes to Court
By Kyle Munzenrieder in NewsThursday, Jul. 30 2009 @ 11:29AMThe legal saga of Rooster-American Mr. Clucky went to court this morning, and he doesn't have much to crow about.

Clucky and his activist owner Marc Buckley have been South Beach fixtures for years, riding up and down Lincoln Road and even appearing on the cover of New Times. Problem is, roosters technically can't be kept as pets on South Beach. So early last month, code enforcement told Clucky and his girlfriend Wallflower they have to get out of town.

Today, Buckley went to court and wasn't told much different. He has to pay a $50 fine and was informed the chicken might be removed from his home.

But Buckley can still ask the city commission for an exception to the rules or continue the appeals process through the court system.

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