Thursday, June 25, 2009

How much more of this monarchist-like flummery can we possibly endure???
Case in point, today's web edition (is there any other) of where we are tutored on the actual dangers a president faces when he is, well, "perfect" (article link is -

No, they are not speaking of former President Abraham Lincoln, but the rather newer President Barack Obama who is a "better father", a "better husband" and practices "better" dieting. For all we know he never suffers flagellant moments like the rest of us. So Politico scribe Eamon Javers has gone where no man has gone before, and delved into the potential political pitfalls for a president who is just too omnipotent for his own good. "The industry seems to be in collective awe of Obama," the author writes. Seems to be? Ya think? Really?

Even the bonafide conservatives are yielding to his Excellency's prowess in all things temporal. Tucker Carlson told Politico, "People naturally defer to others they think are superior."

The propaganda gets even thicker - even sickningly sweet. Newsweek's editor Evan Thomas recently proclaimed to fellow Obama sycophant Chris Matthews that the president is basically a Deity. "I mean in a way Obama's standing above the country, above - above the world, he's sort of God," said Thomas - though strangely he had no rosary beads in hand as he was providing this twisted take on the state of American affairs.

This historic Hyperbole on Obama is getting so thick, I can finally relate to the Great Molassis Flood of Boston in 1919 when a Molassis tank the size of Heaven burst, killing 21 people. It wasn't pretty, and neither is this sticky, political flood of pure propaganda that's beyond even the hype Hollywood used to brainwash millions into thinking Justin Timberlake is actually talented.

At what point in time does the press get tired of playing the role of White House Communications Director? It's a post now vacant - but not really, given Charlie Gibson's innumerable softballs at Wednesday's infomercial at the White House, where ABC gave the administration a free, in-kind contribution so they might air their politics, minus any opposition.

And who said the folks at the old Pravda never found new employment?

For my money, don't hold your breath for serious discussions and responsible media coverage of the highest office holder in the Republic. Though many of my progressive friends seem to be more exhausted than my G.O.P. brethren regarding this ridiculous love fest, I don't see it dissipating. I mean, it's sort of like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton - there may have been bumps in the road but they never fell out of love with eachother.

Accordingly, Governor Sanford has a silver lining to keep in mind as he's hunkered down after his revealing his intercontinental activities. He wasn't going to win anyway. Who could? Maybe Jesus, but I'm betting the press would still side with B.O. They'd definately scour Nazareth and conjur up some scandal.

You can't beat a president, or a candidate, who has the the press corp hypnotized.

Just ask Hillary Clinton.

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