Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The second debate.

I think McCain gave a highly energized performance at last night's second Presidential Debate.

McCain played more offense, obama more defense. I think while McCain was succesful at labeling obama as a fiscal liberal, and partisan, obama was successful at labeling McCain as a deregulator, which is hardly a good thing to be known as today. Frankly, the only new information I acquired was that we paid three million dollars for a projector in Chicago ...... and I think Staples would have been a better deal for the folks in the windy city.

In McCain I saw a higher level of passion last night. He took every opportunity to show the juxtopositions between himself and Obama on everything from taxes to nuclear power. in point of fact, Obama was rather low key last night in comparison, which was an irony.

At exactly ten o'clock McCain may have won the debate when he said, "we don't have time for on the job training", this after a very poetic statement about world affairs. "A cool hand at the tiller" was another great line he interjected a few minutes later on the subject of when to employ the military forces of the United States.

Actually, there was indeed something new....relatively new....McCain supporting 300 billion dollars to basically buy down mortgages so that people can keep their homes. I think that grabs a lot of people and its certainly a revolutionary position for a gop standard bearer.

Obama wasn't eviscerated last night, but McCain had a better town meeting debate in that he showed some real fire in his belly.

And don't jump on the bandwagon of conventional wisdome. The polls showing an Obama steamroller are far from realistic. This race isn't over.

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