Sunday, September 07, 2008

Who the heck is Ed O'Reilly

For those of us who have no life, we were glued to the Sunday morning - 8:30 am start time - debate between veteran U.S. Senator John Kerry and his who the heck are you challenger Ed O'Reilly, who instantly reminds me what a Kennedy child would look like if one parent were from the venerable clan and the other parent was Yoda from Star wars.

But less I digress, John Kerry did not beat the former Gloucester City Councilman Ed Reilly. John Kerry ate Ed O'Reilly for breakfast - proving my theory that the only mistake the Kerry people made was agreeing to a debate scheduled at a time and date that facilitated a zilch audience - for had most citizens watched this episode of the awkward neophyte attacking the seasoned legislator, Kerry's inevitable September 16 Primary win would be over 80 percent, instead of just above a mere 70.

For every bomb tossed Kerry's way from a very unpolished O'Reilly, Kerry shot back with a Nuke. O'Reilly's vagueness and broad strokes were left circumspect when placed against the calculated specificity and lengthy list of accomplishments which could be put on the debate table by the unflappable Kerry. Bottom line - O'Reilly debating Kerry made me realize what it would look like if I played golf with Tiger Woods.

If there was a Seminole theme to the debate - which gave even the motley crew of Hillary Clinton fanatics reason to vote Kerry even though (in my humble can't prove it opinion) they put O'Reilly on the ballot as pay back for Kerry being an early Obama supporter - it was O'Reilly's lame attempt to diminish Kerry's tenure in the senate because; from O'Reillys Cape Anne view-point the senator's committee appointments are paltry. With another nuclear response, Kerry listed a plethora of impressive committee assignments and reminded his shaky opponent that Massachusetts has received more than half a billion for small businesses thanks to Kerry's role on the small business committee in D.C.

Predictions on this race are as easy as reviewing the menu at McDonalds. Kerry bests O'Reilly in a seventy-thirty shellacking, and after ridding us all of the ridiculous tirades of his nominal G.O.P. opponent, the man from Louisburg Square either returns to the senate as part of a solid Democrat majority, or if Mr. Obama pulls off the big win, becomes a likely pick for secretary of state - a job he'd excel at.


David said...

Ed O'Reilly filed as a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate on May 16, 2007, almost seven months before Kerry endorsed Obama. O'Reilly got into the race because of Kerry's vote back in 2002 to go to war in Iraq. His entering the race had nothing to do with who Kerry endorsed for President.

Diane said...

True enough, David, but it was the state convention votes of disgruntled Hillary supporters pissed off at Kerry's support of Obama that put O'Reilly on the ballot.

His entering the race had nothing to do with who Kerry endorsed for President. His making it to the ballot certainly did.