Monday, April 24, 2006

Will the Globe's Carolyn Ryan dare ask about the 'G' issue tonight on NECN.

If you have absolutely no conceivable social life, like myself, you'll be watching NECN this evening and the oh-so-special Jim Braude segment on gubernatorial candidate Christy Mihos, the convenient store magnate (though most of his Chrity's stores have been sold quite nicely to 7-11). Mihos is an independent candidate for governor.

NECN, that's New England Cable News, is a boutique television outfit and has a pretty cute operation in Newton where they take the scraps off the table of WHDH, WBZ, WCVB, FOX 25 and Channel 56 (is it still Channel 56, as in Dale Doreman and the Banana Splits?) and try to get some attention with the leftovers. Some call them the MSNBC of Boston, meaning their ratings are insignificant in the grand sceam of things; and if they're making money for their investors (Comcast mostly) it's a miracle surpassing Moses parting the waves.

But the story here is what will and won't be asked by Boston Globe Metro Page editor Carolyn Ryan, formerly of the Boston Herald and before that the Patriot Ledger. Let's just say that Carolyn isn't going to be too comfortable asking about Gay issues, which are prevelant in any race for governor, especially in the state which first legalized Gay marital unions.

"Do you support Gay marriage." would be a logical question to emit from Ryan's mouth. But will it happen? Could it ever happen?? Let's just say that every reporter has a personal life, sometimes very personal, and at times it affects what conversations they find a survivable comfort level with.

We'll be watching......and then we'll report the skinny for the 99 percent of you who will have better things to do than watch NECN anyway. Democratic activist Jim Braude hosts the program beginning this evening at 8:30 EST.

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